January 14, 2003

PRESENT:  Antkoviak, Ginop, Dotski, Tracey, & Haig

OTHERS PRESENT:  Jackie & Quinter Burnett, Richard Buehler, Don Rader, Ed Ginop, Scott & Monica Wendt, Paul & Walter Nows.

Mrs. Jackie Burnett asked that the sentence about Scott Wendt be corrected from groups to both sides.  Sentence should read, Scott Wendt suggested that both sides of the wind turbine issues get their information on the German and Denmark turbines to the Cheboygan County Planning Commission.  Mr. Nows agreed with the correction.

Tracey made the motion to accept the December 10, 2002 minutes with the correction, supported by Haig. Motion carried.

Supervisor Antkoviak reported that the Cheboygan County Road Commission has allocated $12,151.44 for Munro Township for 2003.  Out of the $12,151.44, $3,701.87 is matching fund money.

Tracey made motion to pay the bills amounting to $3,278.87, supported by Haig.  Motion carried.

OLD BUSINESS:  The Fire Hall still needs to have a few items corrected.  The furnace room is still too hot, the front door lock needs to be changed, the women’s bathroom ceiling needs to be repaired.

The tanker truck sitting in the Munro sub station has been going out on fire runs, the firemen have been told that if there is a structure fire, the truck is to be sent out.

NEW BUSINESS:  Ginop reported that a verbal agreement with PAC Sanitation of Onaway, Michigan to have May 24, 2003 as the Annual Clean Up Day for Munro Township.  Elk Run Landfill is now open and PAC can haul on Memorial Day week-end.

Last year the clean up day was on July 4th week-end but that date has already been taken.

Everyone agreed that the May 24th (Memorial Day Week-end) date was better as everyone likes to clean up in the spring.

Tracey made the motion to adjourn the meeting, Haig supported the motion. Meeting was adjourned at 7:48 p.m.

Linda N. Ginop
Munro Township Clerk