December 14, 2004

PRESENT: Antkoviak, Ginop, Dotski, Tracey

OTHERS PRESENT: Donald Rader, Wil Mandrick, Paul Nows, Walter Nows, Richard Buehler, Thomas & Karen Roop, Mike Robinson, Dale Dotski, Mike Migda, Mike Gotham.

Supervisor Antkoviak called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. at the fire station hall.

Pledge to the flag was recited.

MINUTES: Tracey made the motion to accept the minutes of the November 9, 2004 meeting. Supported by Dotski. Motion carried.

BILLS: Tracey made the motion to pay the monthly bills amounting to $3,559.63, supported by Ginop. Motion carried.

CORRESPONDANCE: Address enforcement officer from the Cheboygan County office will make address verification for 911.

Letter received from Cheboygan County Road Commission. Letter states that if Munro Township buys the chips, the road commission will spread it on Weadock Road.

Paul Nows went to the Cheboygan Co. Road Commission meeting and asked what the difference is between a primary and secondary road is. Answer is funding.

Antkoviak reported that the Board of Review dates cannot be changed. The first meeting date for the general public has to be the second Monday after the first Tuesday in March. The second meeting day does not have to be Tuesday, it can be on Wednesday.

Oaths for the Board of Review members will be done at January meeting.

APPOINTMENT OF TRUSTEE POSITION Ginop reported she called Michigan Townships Assn. and talked to Evelyn David. Evelyn told Ginop that Robert Haig resigned too early, his term does not end till Dec. 31st. Board has to wait till after his term ends. Board will appoint someone at the January meeting. Mr. Wil Mandrick and Mr. Paul Nows both sent letters saying they are interested in the Trustee position.

Tracey made the motion to adjourn the meeting, supported by Dotski, the meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

Linda N. Ginop
Munro Township Clerk