April 11, 2006
Munro Fire Hall, 7:30 p.m.

PRESENT: Ginop, Dotski, Tracey, Mandrick ABSENT: Antkoviak

GUESTS: Walter Nows, Patricia & Keith Sipperley, Ed Ginop, County Commissioner Linda LaChapell-Socha, County Administrator, Michael Overton.

Tracey chaired the meeting for absent Supervisor Antkoviak.

Tracey called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the pledge to the flag.

Ginop presented the financial statements and budgets for all the township funds. Ginop made the motion to accept the budgets for years 2006-2007, supported by Dotski. All favored saying "Aye". Motion carried.


Mandrick made the motion to approve the March 21, 2006 meeting minutes, supported by Dotski. Motion carried.

Mr. Michael Overton, the new Cheboygan County Administrator, introduced himself and gave a short history of his life and career. Mr. Overton said if there is anything he can do to help residents or townships, please call him at the Cheboygan County Building.

County Commissioner Linda Socha said it was difficult to attend the township meetings as many of the townships in her district are held on the same day of the month. With fewer commissioners now on the county board, there are more meetings to attend.


Mr. Walter Nows asked if the township had any gravel for the roads. Tracey said yes. The road restrictions are still on but the Cheboygan County Road Commission trucks should be out shortly, grading the roads.


Mandrick made the motion to pay the monthly bills amounting to $3,502.04, supported by Dotski. Motion carried.




Mr. Keith Sipperley asked what attorney Tim MacArthur had to say about the Loznak-Chastain deed. Mr. MacArthur said that the 30' easement is not continuous and he asked whether the township wants to go ahead and get the wording on the deed corrected.

The Board agreed that a lot of time has been spent on this matter so correct the wording on the width and alignment of the easement.

Mandrick made the motion to adjourn, supported by Dotski. The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Linda N. Ginop
Munro Township Clerk