January 9, 2007
Munro Fire Hall, 7:30 p.m.

PRESENT: Antkoviak, Ginop, Dotski, Tracey and Mandrick.

OTHERS PRESENT: George Bliss, Paul Nows, Frank Speczia

The meeting was called to order by Supervisor Antkoviak at 7:30 p.m. at Fire Station No. 2 located at 8872 Levering Road. Pledge to the flag was recited.

AGENDA - Motion by Tracey, supported by Mandrick to accept the agenda as presented. Motion carried.

MINUTES - Motion by Tracey, supported by Mandrick to accept the December 12, 2007 meeting minutes as presented. Motion carried.

PAYMENT OF BILLS - Tracey made the motion to pay the December bills amounting to $2,448.07, supported by Dotski. Motion carried.



Vicki Crawford resubmitted a land division application to split 3 acres with a house and barn from her acreage on Heilman Road. Tracey made the motion to approve the land split with the condition that when she sells the house, she must provide a purchase agreement with a legal document to the new owner stating that there will be an easement for a drainfield for either a time period of one year or till the drain field fails. Mandrick supported the motion. All favored saying "Aye". Motion carried.

Antkoviak will ask Hebron Supervisor Charles Ostwald about the Board of Review workshop that is conducted in the U.P. George Bliss, newest Board of Review Member stated he'd like to attend the workshop.


Ginop stated that the township board has had no raises in salary since 2000. She'd like to raise the salaries of Supervisor, Clerk and Treasurer by 10%. The Trustees are paid $60.00 per meeting, she'd like to raise their wages to $70.00 per meeting. MTA in their publication states that a separate resolution must be adopted for each office.


WHEREAS, according to MCL 41.95(3), in a township that does not hold an annual meeting, the salary for officers composing the township board shall be determined by the township board, and

WHEREAS, the township board deems that an adjustment in the salary of the office of Supervisor, clerk, treasurer or trustee is warranted in consideration of (the increase in the cost of living and/or additional responsibilities taken by the supervisor, clerk, treasurer or trustee) since township board members salaries were last adjusted, now

BE IT RESOLVED, that as of April 1st, 2007, the salary of the offices of township board shall be as follows:

The foregoing resolution offered by board member Tracey, supported by board member Mandrick. Upon a roll call vote, the following voted: Antkoviak - Aye, Ginop - Aye, Dotski - Aye, Tracey - Aye, Mandrick - Aye. Nays: None. The supervisor declared the resolution adopted.

Linda N. Ginop, Clerk A separate resolution for each office is on file at the Clerk's office for public inspection. Ginop stated that these salary increased will be put into the new proposed budget for next month's meeting.


Antkoviak made the motion to adjourn the meeting, supported by Mandrick. The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 p.m.

Linda N. Ginop
Munro Township Clerk