September 11, 2007
Munro Township Hall, 7:30 p.m.

PRESENT: Antkoviak, Ginop, Dotski, Tracey and Mandrick

OTHERS PRESENT: Walter Nows, Paul Nows, Jackie & Quinter Burnett, Ed Ginop and Keith Ginop.

Supervisor Antkoviak called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. at the Munro Township Hall.
Pledge to the flag was recited.

A motion was made by Tracey, supported by Mandrick to approve the August 14, 2007 meeting minutes as presented. Motion carried.

BILLS – Mandrick made the motion to pay the August bills amounting to $4,268.29, supported by Tracey. Motion carried.


  1. Cheboygan County Road Commission contracts with Munro Township for snow plowing part of Silver Strand Road that is privately owned. Six property owners reimburse the township for the Cheboygan County Road Commission’s bill.
  2. The 2007 Tax Rate Request form is given to each township to fill out and return. This year Munro Township will be allocated .9979 Mills to operate.


Windows in the hall are rotting and need to be replaced. Two bids were received, Cheboygan Lumber for replacement and stock-made windows, and Straits Area Glass for replacement windows. After discussion it was decided that replacement windows would only replace the windows, not the frames. It was decided that the bid of $10,997.63 from Cheboygan Lumber Co. for standard sizing windows would be accepted. A bid price of $4,500.00 from Mike Charboneau of County Wide Construction to install the windows was accepted. Mr. Charboneau stated that the old moldings would have to be replaced because of the many coats of paint. Ginop will get prices on oak molding for the next meeting. Tracey made the motion to accept the bids from Cheboygan Lumber Co. and Mike Charboneau, supported by Mandrick. Motion carried.


  1. Three cemetery lots were sold to Steven Ostwald.
  2. Land Division Application was reviewed from Lisa DosSantos to split her property into three pieces on Crump Road. Ginop made the motion to accept the split, supported by Tracey. Motion carried.

Ginop made the motion to adjourn the meeting, supported by Dotski. The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

Linda N. Ginop
Munro Township Clerk